Ozma presents an original and enchanting repertory, a cool mix of Jazz and Progressive Rock, at the crossroads of Weather Report, Pat Metheny and King Crimson. The group crafts a dreamlike, psychedelic, at times oppressive and muted world of sound (think of Pink Floyd).

Suspended atmospheres, waves of sound, electronic forays, mysterious stories…

New Tales is the story of a fictional character (Jim), a modern day vagabond who decides to travel the world in a quest of discovering it with his own eyes, in all its splendor and at times ugliness.


1. Awakening (Ozma) 3’00
2. The Launch (Ozma) 5’09
3. Wide and Open (Ozma) 4’40
4. Belouga (Ozma) 5’38
5. The Drive (Ozma) 1’28
6. The Walk (Ozma) 2’53
7. Supertanker (Ozma) 3’16
8. Dark City (Ozma) 5’15
9. Monsters (Ozma) 4’36
10. Rest and Rebirth (Ozma) 3’53
11. The Dance (Ozma) 3’37
12. Tales of Jim (Ozma) 4’25

Adrien Dennefeld (Electric guitar, effects, voice)
Stéphane Scharlé (Drums, laptop, voice)
Édouard Séro-Guillaume (Electric bass, keyboard, voice)
David Florsch (Saxophone, effects, voice)

Recorded by Joël Theux | Studio Klein Leberau
Mixed and mastered by Christophe Pulon | Studio Deaf Rock
Production : la Compagnie Tangram
Design by Aksel Boscato
With support : SCPP | MFA | IMM
Release date : 27-01-2014