No Monster takes us by surprise by its shear mass of sound:the use of electronic effects gives the impression that the sound of the band has increased tenfold.

After some incursions into progressive or experimental rock, the group all of a sudden changes directions to explore jazz or complex and organic rhythms. One can easily feel the influences of Aka Moon or Steve Coleman in the work.

Matthieu Rosso Red Quartet has given us an unidentified sound object with tempo changes, renewed energy and frenzied improvisations that should please fans of Meshuggah as well.


1. Faz (Matthieu Rosso) 7’04
2. Death by Tounga (Matthieu Rosso) 5’43
3. Pandora’s box (Matthieu Rosso) 10’04
4. No Monster Part 1 (Matthieu Rosso) 1’48
5. No Monster Part 2 (Matthieu Rosso) 6’12
6. Flexible (Matthieu Rosso) 7’00
7. Insane Incorporated (Matthieu Rosso, Denis Guivarc’h, Jean-Philippe Morel, Rafaël Koerner) 5’44
8. Duplicity (Matthieu Rosso) 5’14
9. Mass Euphoria (Matthieu Rosso) 8’08

Matthieu Rosso (Guitar)
Denis Guivarc’h (Saxophone)
Jean-Philippe Morel (Bass)
Rafaël Koerner (Drums)

Recorded by François Gaucher | Studio Alhambra Colbert
Mixed and mastered by Philippe Teissier Du Cros | Studio Boxson
Photos & Design by Bryce Davesne | Electiic

Production : Juste Une Trace & Dédale Music
With support : SCPP | ADAMI | FCM | IMM
Release date : 26-01-2015