Music inspired by jazz but combined with electric sounds, electro and noise.The writing is at times melodic, sometimes dissonant, with large swaths of improvisation inherited from jazz and free jazz living alongside experimental sounds borrowed from contemporary classical music.

Following in the steps of Steve Coleman influenced by Radiohead and steeped in the energy of Sonic Youth, OBLIVIOUS, wholly composed by Alexandre Herer, is an album filled with spontaneity and freshness.


1. Très clair (Alexandre Herer) 5’10
2. Oblivious (Alexandre Herer) 4’59
3. Zeroh (Alexandre Herer) 8’34
4. Doug (Alexandre Herer) 5’30
5. Ankh (Alexandre Herer) 6’11
6. Interlude (Alexandre Herer) 1’51
7. Arkhos (Alexandre Herer) 6’06
8. Heya (Alexandre Herer) 5’13
9. Somnus (Alexandre Herer) 5’23
10. Interlude 2 (Alexandre Herer) 2’02
11. Sidérodrome (Alexandre Herer) 4’32

Alexandre Herer (Rhodes)
Matteo Bortone (Bass)
Olivier Laisney (Trumpet)
Thibault Perriard (Drums)
Julien Pontvianne (Tenor saxophone)

Recorded by Richard Comte et Louis Carbonnier | Studio de la Petite Porte
Mixed by Richard Comte et Alexandre Herer
Mastered by Jean-Pierre Bouquet | L’Autre Studio
Design by Virginie Enl’Art

Production : Juste Une Trace
With support : SCPP | ADAMI | FCM
Release date : 25-03-2011