Why “ONE PAGE”? Each of the compositions of the jazz album fits on a single page…or almost. For Haboyan Pallaro, it means going to the essential with spontaneity and creativity. With more than thirty years of experience in jazz, more than half of which were spent on common projects, composers Didier Haboyan and Claudio Pallaro affirm their sincere passion for music and offer with “ONE PAGE” an unpredictable album by a incredible quintet.

Release date: October 21, 2022 – PRE-SALE NOW – DELIVERY IN PREVIEW (shipping october 1st) – LIMITED EDITION


Why “ONE PAGE“? Each of the compositions of the album fits on a single page…or almost. For the artists, it means going to the essential with spontaneity and creativity.

The two musicians share the writing of the 9 original compositions on the album: 5 tracks signed by Claudio Pallaro and 4 by Didier Haboyan.

Moving Mind” is a composition with a structure that turns on itself as quickly as our agitated minds can handle. The complex melody is the reflection of our psyches that create incomprehensible puzzles in our minds.

Earth Hope” is a positive ode to our planet. The artists don’t want to give up; they release a lot of energy in this composition hoping to help the earth out of its wows.

T’as Rien Compris” is a jazz waltz whose title suggests that no matter how much you have understood or mastered, the moment comes when you are alone in the face of the unknown.

Slow Life” is a ballad trying to slow down our lives, to tell us to take our time and not waste it for it’s too precious.

HABOYAN / PALLARO – Photo Marco Castro

Moving mind (Claudio Pallaro)
Partout et nulle part (Claudio Pallaro)
Sur le ciel (Didier Haboyan)
En attendant Irene (Didier Haboyan)
Jeu de piste (Claudio Pallaro)
Earth hope (Claudio Pallaro)
Slow life (Claudio Pallaro)
Boomers (Didier Haboyan)
T’as rien compris (Didier Haboyan)

Published by Éditions Amoc

Didier Haboyan (alto saxophone, flute)
Claudio Pallaro (tenor saxophone)
David Patrois (vibraphone)
Hubert Dupont (double bass)
Julien Charlet (drums)


Recorded, mixed by Paul Boulier | Studio Libretto
Mastering : Raphaël Jonin
Photographies : Marco Castro
Design : Jérémie Bernard
Production : Jazz en Face
Release date : 21-10-2022