Imagination takes a long road through faraway lands, surging Rock and the horizons of Modern Jazz for which the thread linking it all together is the improvisation and spontaneity of young musicians already fully mature. It’s an invitation to discover Jazz in new ways.

A surprising world of sound, intuitive, dynamic and influenced from many directions: Jimmy Hendrix, Radiohead, King Crimson, Sonic Youth, Dave Holland, Alas No Axis, Esbjörn Svesson as well as Mark Turner and Air.


1. Rain cadenza (Ozma) 4’08
2. Balsam firs (Ozma) 3’32
3. No confort (Ozma) 4’53
4. Pr. Challenger (Ozma) 5’16
5. Tangram (Ozma) 4’14
6. Le chagrin de l’atome (Ozma) 1’58
7. Raspoutine (Ozma) 0’35
8. Livingston (Ozma) 4’17
9. Le voyage de Siddhartha (Ozma) 5’49
10. Dilatation stéréo (Ozma) 6’26
11. Peacemakers (Ozma) 3’50

Adrien Dennefeld (Guitar)
Stéphane Scharlé (Drums)
Edouard Séro-Guillaume (Bass)
David Florsch (Saxophone)

Recorded by Vincent Robert | Studio Downtown
Mixed and mastered by Vincent Robert | Studio Pinecone
Production : la Compagnie Tangram
Design by Secondscouteaux
Photographies by Christophe Urbain
With support : ADAMI| FCM
Release date : 18-11-2011