Love follows getting a taste of it… Rémo Gary’s writing is “take no prisoners” as Lou Reed said, as precise as it is dense, moving as it is sensual. 12 songs finely crafted accompanied by well played music.
The insatiable greed of words cannot be find in a top 500 narrow vocabulary. In summary, the man with the skillful pen (for him and others) possesses one of the most beautiful writings (publication of short stories, theater’s plays, multiple shows…): a fluid, joyful and greedy writing.
He’s a naughty artist often talking about a woman or love. Included as well is an original text by Dimey sung by Michèle Bernard with 12 acoustic musicians backing everything up.


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1. Quand le monde aura du talent (Rémo Gary) 4’03
2. Faits d’hiver (Rémo Gary / Clélia Bressat) 3’38
3. Les petits assassinats (Rémo Gary / Michèle Bernard) 3’29
4. La mémoire qui planche (Rémo Gary) 3’16
5. Aime-moi un peu mais continue (Rémo Gary / Joel Clément) 3’37
6. Dans les phares (Rémo Gary) 2’41
7. Train de nuit (Rémo Gary / Marc Wolff) 3’58
8. Le mal d’océan (Rémo Gary Clélia Bressat) 4’16
9. Ce qu’ensemble on a vu (Bernard Dimey / Michel Sanlaville) 4’08
10. Livres en chiffon (Rémo Gary / François Forestier) 3’28
11. L’appétit vient en aimant (Rémo Gary) 2’34
12. On ne savait pas (Rémo Gary / Joel Clément) 3’03

Rémo Gary (Vocals)
Jean-Luc Peilhon (Clarinet)
Clélia Bressat-Blum (Piano, métallophon)
François Forestier (Guitar, tuba)
Michel Barret (Trumpet)
Joël Clément (Piano)
Michel Sanlaville (Double bass)
Marc Wolff (Drums, percussions)
Dominique Brunier (Cello)
Jean-François Baëz (Accordeon)

Recorded and mixed by Didier Boyat and Bernard Dutheil | Studio AGLCA
Mastered by Luc Echampard | Associa-son
Photographies by Bernard Dutheil
Illustrations by Fred Morandat
Design by Élise Garraud

Production : Juste Une Trace | Poisson à Tiroir
Release date : 12-05-2003