Metal music isn’t far away, neither is the Cure… but it’s Jazz !
but fans of Steve Coleman and Aka Moon will be happy too. It’s a jazz album for it shows craftsmanship and daring…Music in movement.

The Matthieu Rosso red Quartet is also very rock. Tracks styled after pop, shift between hammered polyrhythm and electronic shrapnel.

The album takes us along into a sonic landscape of great richness and diversity. The compositions release sensitivities that are melodic and rhythmic in a style resolutely modern, intense and Jazz.


1. Azimut (Matthieu Rosso) 6’24
2. Guelma Part II (Matthieu Rosso) 3’39
3. Guelma Part I (Matthieu Rosso) 1’10
4. Ubik (Matthieu Rosso) 4’50
5. Induction (Matthieu Rosso) 4’08
6. Fermi’s Paradox Part I (Matthieu Rosso) 2’13
7. Fermi’s Paradox Part II (Matthieu Rosso) 5’21
8. My Own Reality (Matthieu Rosso) 4’16
9. La ville Sur La Lune Part I (Matthieu Rosso) 0’57
10. Rituel Part I (Matthieu Rosso) 1’32
11. Rituel Part II (Matthieu Rosso) 3’51
12. Dédale (Matthieu Rosso) 6’55
13. Axiome (Matthieu Rosso) 5’28
14. V (Matthieu Rosso) 4’31
15. La ville Sur La Lune Part II (Matthieu Rosso) 0’46

Matthieu Rosso (Guitar)
Sylvain Cathala (Saxophone)
Jean-Philippe Morel (Bass)
Franck Vaillant (Drums)

All compositions by Matthieu Rosso
La Ville Sur La Lune arranged by Jean-Tristan Allegre
Recorded by Jean Taxis | Studio Val d’Orge
Mixed by Philippe Teissier Du Cros | Studio Boxson
Mastered by Raphaël Jonin | J Raph i.n.g.
Photos & Design by Bryce Davesne | Electiic

Production : Juste Une Trace
With support : SCPP | ADAMI | FCM | IMM
Release date : 19-10-2012