All aboard the Night Bus for Second Trip with Gary Brunton, Bojan Z and Simon Goubert.
Barely a year since their first album bagged rave reviews in Downbeat, this award winning jazz trio have been back in the studio. Their fabulous album, Second Trip is produced by the legendary François Jeanneau.
Original compositions by Brunton are balanced against witty arrangements of two Bowie songs and a sneaky jazz standard.
The energy is intimate but playful, an elegant spontaneity that showcases the sublime skills of three of today’s foremost jazz artists – but also captures the sheer joy of old friends reunited and heading out together again.


Blackpool Girl
Polka’s Playtime
Korean Influence
Once a Claret
Ashes to Ashes
Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right
Mingus’ House
Moonage Daydream
Red Mitchell
Behind The Bowler’s Arm
How Deep Is The ocean
Havana Brown

All compositions by Gary Brunton published by Editions AMOC

Except « Ashes to Ashes » by David Bowie published by Tintoretto Music / Sony Music Publishing, « Moonage Daydream » by David Bowie published by Tintoretto Music / Sony Music Publishing / Bmg Rights Management, « How Deep is The Ocean » by Irving Berlin published by Irving Berlin Inc.

Gary Brunton (Double bass)
Bojan Z (Piano)
Simon Goubert (Drums)

Recorded and mixed by Vincent Mahey | Studio Sextan
Edited by Bojan Zulfikarpasic
Mastered by Raphaël Jonin
Produced by François Jeanneau & Gary Brunton for Juste Une Trace
Photographs : Camille Huguenot

Graphic Design : Jérémie Bernard
Production : Juste une Trace
With support : SCPP | SACEM
Release date : 30-04-2021

September 2020, Gary Brunton prepares Night Bus for a new journey: SECOND TRIP.
The inimitable François Jeanneau joins them as producer. Composer, arranger, saxophonist, original director of ONJ (Orchestre National de Jazz), Sacem and Boris Vian award winner and a pioneer of the free jazz movement in France; his unique approach and experience nurtures Night Bus, encouraging them to push at the edges of their arrangements and make radical changes. His vision becomes elemental to the SECOND TRIP creation process. The sensitivity and expertise of sound engineer Vincent Mahey at Sextan Studio completes the magic.

The road taken for this SECOND TRIP is paved with openness and the urge to explore.
Spontaneity is embraced at every corner, provocation is actively sought out. No question of anyone relaxing in the comfort zone.
Gary Brunton shoulders the role of band leader, arranger and composer. Both his writing and his choice of pieces push Night Bus to new frontiers. Jazz waltz meets swing, rock grooves with bossa nova; the beat is left free to expand, falling in, out and over itself as each arrangement demands. In Mingus House, Gary directly evokes elements of the legacy of Charles Mingus, and Simon drives each change of tempo with masterful restraint. Two wrongs don’t make a right showcases Bojan at his most delicate and playful, with a sparkling minimalist interplay that dares to recall Ravel, gradually teasing the trio into action.
In Polka’s Playtime, listen for Simon’s post be-bop breaks, exploding effortlessly from the groove. It’s worth taking a moment to note the evolution of Gary’s extraordinary bass sound, which strides through the solo track Once a Claret. Gary has been playing a 19th century Jacquet since the 1980s. The recent lockdown gave him time to embark upon experimenting with different strings. In a bold move to create a new sound he sought out Gerold Genssler, the famed Berlin string maker, already renowned for his work with Steve Swallow, Charlie Haden and Larry Grenadier. Using Genssler’s unique, custom-made strings of gut with steel covering, Gary’s sound now recalls the rich meaty tone of great players from the 1950s and 60s, such as Red Mitchell and Henry Grimes.

SECOND TRIP weaves elegantly and effortlessly between several musical styles. But the hallmarks of jazz tradition are written all over this album. It’s quite extraordinary just how many great artists, who have themselves contributed to changing of the course of jazz history, have had direct contact with the three musicians of Night Bus. For example, Gary Brunton studied with Gary Peacock, Ray Brown and Dave Holland. At the age of just 20 he was already playing concerts with Michel Graillier, who had, of course, played with Chet Baker. Gary went on to work with Craig Handy, Sheila Jordan, Peter Bernstein… Bojan Z has worked with Henri Texier, Michel Portal, Jack de Johnette, Scott Colley, N’Guyen Lê, Julien Lourau… Simon Goubert has worked with Steve Grossman, René Urtreger, Alain Jean-Marie, Lee Konitz, Steve Potts, Bireli Lagrène…
These formative experiences ground NIGHT BUS in the most genuine of jazz sounds, whilst showcasing the intimate interplay between them.

In SECOND TRIP, the trio also lay bare their unabashed love for British rock and pop music. Simon has, of course, been performing with Magma for many years. All three musicians were raised listening to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie. Gary has long acknowledged the profound influence that Bowie has had on his own musical life. As a tribute to this inspiration, as well as to mark the passing of a great artist, SECOND TRIP includes two Bowie covers. Ashes to Ashes, coils itself into an unaccompanied bass interlude. Moonage Daydream recalls the heady psychedelia of the early 70s, whilst simmering in a fat groove that never slips an inch.

GARY BRUNTON, BOJAN ZULFIKARPASIC and SIMON GOUBERT open their hearts to each other, in a dialogue that never ceases to strive for joy and spontaneity. Virtuosity shines through, but never for its own sake, always at the service of the journey.
NIGHT BUS hits the highway once more, but it’s a winding road full of surprises and unexpected diversions. Impossible to second guess just what might entice your ears as you round the next corner. Hold on tight!

Gary Brunton dedicates this recording to the memory of the great bass luthier Patrick Charton

Gary Brunton would like to thank Simon & Bojan for their wonderful spirit and musical mastery. François Jeanneau for his creative propositions and wise words. Béatrice for her longstanding support, love & patience. Our daughters Jade & Loreta. John & Nino. My parents John & Dorothy Brunton. Jérémie & Camille for the album cover. Paul Bessone & Edith Gaudy at Juste Une Trace. Charlène Pré, Lucie Poiron & Justine Lauriat at Rythmatik, Stéphane Dupas, Nathalie Bonneveau, Sandrine Deschamps, Claudio Pallaro, Frédéric Loiseau, Yohan Progler, Edouard Ferlet, Julien Jacquot, Chris Jennings, Frank Woeste, Larry Grenadier, Xavier Roy, Françoise Letellier, Vincent Mahey, Michael Schäfer, Raphaël Jonin