Scored and improvised original compositions rub shoulders with Jaco Pastorius’s “Teen Town” as well as Toninho Horta’s “Francisca”.

Gilles Coquard uses everything his instrument can muster to provoke his samples and pedals into new realms.

A “Bass album” which lets us take a new look at the instrument.


1. Bella boca (Gilles Coquard) 1’56
2. La ballerine (Gilles Coquard) 4’13
3. Absoluto romanticho (Gilles Coquard) 4’37
4. Une irlandaise (sur un ciel orangé) (Gilles Coquard) 4’27
5. Teen town (Jaco Pastorius) 3’48
6. The fool on the hill (Lennon / Mc Cartney) 4’06
7. Free’s’bi (Gilles Coquard) 4’13
8. Araucaria (le desespoir des singes)(Gilles Coquard) 1’56
9. Adagio iere sonata (Jean-Sébastien Bach) 2’40
10. You and I and George (Matt Dennis) 1’58
11. Francisca (Toninho Horta) 4’41
12. Larmes (le choix des …) (Gilles Coquard) 2’56

Gilles Coquard (Bass)

Recorded and produced by Gilles Coquard
Mixed and mastered by Pascal Coquard | Studio Les Tontons flingueurs
Design by Michel Rouyre
Release date : 03-12-2007