Laurent Bonnot (bass) invites Marc Copland (piano), Ramon Lopez (drums) and Gueorgui Kornazov (trombone) to shape his compositions. Four unparalleled jazz musicians come together to paint a musical watercolor of impressionist and impressive beauty. Hypnotic bass lines, millimeter rhythms, sophisticated harmonies and subtle melodies, the art of balance has rarely been expressed so well.


1. Under the Midnight Clouds (7’51)
2. Somewhere in June (6’21)
3. Brief Thought (1’26)
4. When we were Liars (5’32)
5. Oscar’s Songs (6’30)
6. Autumn Leaves (4’41)
7. The Flight of the Cursed Poets (4’18)
8. Another Crazy Breath (5’31)
9. He Sang a Misty Song (8’28)

Music by Laurent Bonnot
Editions AMOC
except Autumn Leaves by Joseph Kosma and Jacques Prévert (1947 Enoch et Cie Paris)

Songs for Oscar, by composer and bass player Laurent Bonnot, is the culmination of a meeting of extraordinary instrumentalists in search of a musical aesthetic that only jazz can sometimes bring out.

Laurent Bonnot go straight to the point. He surrounds himself with “masters in the matter” to give his scholarly, free and improvised writing the appearance of impressionist paintings. Visual compositions and sensory interpretations, the quartet manages to express the soul of colors and the rhythm of perspectives – the version of Joseph Kosma’s Autumn Leaves is an example; it sweeps away the idea of ​​an “umpteenth” version of the standard to transform into a harmonious sensation close to a Japanese watercolor.

For Songs for Oscar, the virtuoso bassist was “quite simply” accompanied by a cast of choice. A mix of generations, styles and countries. In the subtle imprint of his bass, the grand American pianist Marc Copland sets his sophisticated chords so that the melodic and luminous cadences of the Bulgarian Gueorgui Kornazov, with a trombone, can follow the track to the rhythmic game of millimeter precision of Spanish Ramon Lopez on drums. Nine compositions recorded at the end of 2019, as nine reasons to dialogue with the beauty of a work that reflects the quality of four great musicians of contemporary jazz.

Laurent Bonnot (Bass)
Marc Copland (Piano)
Ramon Lopez (Drums)
Gueorgui Kornazov (Trombone)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nicolas Charlier at Studio Besco
Photographs by Edith Gaudy
Graphic Design by Corinne Garino
Produced by Engilmusic

Digital Release 26-06-2020
CD Release 18-09-2020