«Souls Calls» is the first leader album of Laurence Allison.
She has a perfect and personal technique, her texts are irresistibly beautiful.
Her arrangements or those of her remarkable colleague Laurent Coq, are amazingly rich. It’s so rare to find such a good singer that can scatter with so much freedom and play sometimes such complex ryhtms, all with the right and touching voice’s tone.
Blessed with a swing as Sarah Vaughan does, she makes us dance as well as meditate.


1. Souls calls (Laurence Allison, Billy Strayhorn / EMI Publishing) 4’41
2. Flowers powers (Laurence Allison, Billy Strayhorn / Campbell Connelly) 5’10
3. Danzon de la Selva (Francesc Puertolas, Claude Debussy) 2’06
4. Just a gigolo (Living Caesar, Leonello Casucci / Max Esching) 1’10
5. Waiting for Pauline (Laurence Allison, Philippe Chagne) 5’18
6. Loves you Porgy (Ira Gershwin, George Gerschwin / Warner Chapell Music) 2’25
7. Take the “”A”” train (Billy Strayhorn / Campbell Connelly) 7’25
8. Angel eyes (Hart Brend, Matt Denis / Campbell Connelly) 1’30
9. Au pays de Cécile (Laurence Allison, Philippe Chagne) 4’51
10. Little Man (Laurence Allison, Laurent Coq) 4’36
11. Zingaro (Chico Buarque, Antonio Carlos Jobim / Polygram Brazil) 5’26
12. All we got (Laurence Allison, Billy Strayhorn / Campbell Connelly) 3’53
13. That cry of love (Laurence Allison, Bud Powell / Campbell Connelly) 4’22
14. Spider mind (Laurence Allison, Tadd Dameron / Warner Chapell Music) 4’10
15. Unforgettable (Laurence Allison, Thelonious Monk / Bocu Music) 4’40

Laurence Allison (Vocals)
Laurent Coq (Piano)
Jean-Paul Adam (Sax alto)
Philippe Chagne (Sax ténor)
Carl Schlosser (Flute)
Alain Debiossat (Sax soprano)
Dominique Vernhes (Accordeon)
Jules Bikôkô Bi N’Jami (Double bass)
Jean-Luc Arramy (Double bass)
Daniel Garcia Bruno (Drums)

Recorded by Carl Schlosser, Dominique Poutet and Grégoire Chomel-Barbedor | Studio Digital Factory except a capella recorded by David Ouvry | Studio Wat
Mixed and mastered by Carl Schlosser and Grégoire Chomel-Barbedor
Executive Production by Ramon Fossati

Production : Juste Une Trace
Release date : 26-01-1998