An incisive album colored with original compositions and nourished by the energy of live shows… jazz in trompe-l’œil.
Lyrical adventurous solos, diabolic collective improvisations, themes that flirt with the blues, pop-rock instrumentals, free funk, calypso…

In fact, Strange Traffic breaks up moods and regenerates them into emotion in a succession of playful and tasty audio experiences. Sometimes the songs might make you think of Sonic Youth or Radiohead while other times King Crimson, Dave Holland or Dave Douglas come to mind.


1. Prise triviale (Ozma) 5’13
2. Sirène (Ozma) 5’19
3. Nana bozo (Ozma) 6’31
4. Vilniusian Dance (Ozma) 4’21
5. Voik (Ozma) 6’21
6. Titubation Matinale (Ozma) 4’33
7. The Wizard (Ozma) 7’44
8. Flibusto (Ozma) 3’48

David Florsch (Saxophones)
Matthias Mahler (Trombone)
Adrien Dennefeld (Guitar)
Edouard Séro-Guillaume (Bass, vocals)
Stéphane Scharlé (Drums)
Pascal Schumacher (Vibraphone)

Recorded by Matthieu Pelletier et Didier Houbre | Studio Downtown
Mixed by Matthieu Pelletier
Mastered by Alan Ward |Studio Electric City
Photo bySophie Dungler
Design by Achile

Production : Juste Une Trace
With support : SCPP | ADAMI | FCM
Release date : 09-11-2009