An impulsive and colorful great work. The tracks don’t sum up an esthetic, but serve as vehicle for all styles of Jazz: New Orleans, Swing, Be Bop, Hard Bop, Free, Modal or ethnic traditions are all levers used by Laurent Mignard to offer us music that alternates between the figurative and the abstract.
CHOCTAW SUITE, with hints of Don CHERRY, is a homage to the Indians and their quest for a natural life.
CITY SUITE is a kind of way of looking at the city, its moments of oppression, elegance, irony or intense action.
ALTER EGO SUITE harks back to the duo Don Cherry / Ornette Coleman: 20 minutes of optimism laced with multiple modes of improvisation.


CHOCTAW SUITE (Laurent Mignard)
1. Alive 1’11
2. The Majesty of Nature 1’42
3. Council 1’29
4. Hunting 1’25
5. Meditation 1’36
6. Parade 4’16

CITY SUITE (Laurent Mignard)
7. Traffic 3’20
8. Belma Candles 3’49
9. Walking Joke 2’33
10. Lady Cat 6’21
11. David’s Tune 4’27

ALTER EGO SUITE (Laurent Mignard)
12. Forth Worth Legend 4’49
13. Plantation Bounce 3’16

WHAT’S FUNNY – JAZZ SONATA (Laurent Mignard) 19’58
14. Prelude
15. Part 1
16. Part 2
17. Part 3
18. Interlude
19. Part 4
20. Part 5
21. Part 6
22. Final

Laurent Mignard (Pocket trumpet, compositions)
Sylvain Rifflet (Sax ténor, clarinet, flute)
Eric Jacot (Double bass)
Sylvain Clavier (Drums, percussions)

Recorded and mixed by Alix Ewald and Théophile Josso | Studio RDPC
Mastered by Jean-Yves Legrand
Photography by Frédéric Ducout
Design by Phil Design

Production : Juste Une Trace
Release date : 28-10-2002