Anyone with ADHD (or ‘TDAH’ in French) tends to simultaneously put forth a wide array of thoughts.

We’re not sure whether or not Allan Hurd has ADHD, but what we do know is that his debut album is chock-full of different ideas. And many more are on their way, because this concept album is apparently the first of a trilogy. Not a bad way to kick-start a career.


Typically, when someone with ADHD tries to focus on a single idea, another one suddenly pops into their head. In this case the diagnosis is undeniable: Allan Hurd jumps from folk to indie, adding a few instrumentals and blues riffs along the way, yet making it all fit together coherently. He conveys his reflections and impressions freely. His voice, guitar and arrangements create a musical diversity that grabs our attention and doesn’t let go.

In TDAH Volume 1, Allan Hurd breaks down the first third of a rather atypical 24-hour day. A day that begins somewhere between dream and reality, that ethereal moment right before the alarm clock goes off, where anything seems possible. From there, a series of his successes and failures, mainly in friendship and in love, are recounted. A gentle reminder to enjoy every one of life’s little moments because, like it or not, time is irreversible.

Allan Hurd is a singer-songwriter as well as a sound engineer and producer. Appearing either with his band or as a solo act, he’s very present in the Quebec music scene. A multi-faceted entrepreneur, Allan has also worked in the field of architectural design and carpentry. He can basically build a house from the ground up. Come to think of it, might he be slightly hyperactive?

Even when confronted with the unexpected, Allan Hurd enjoys life and expresses it through his music. For example, when producing ‘Embarques-tu?’ he had a perfect plan : he would go down to the railroad tracks along a bike path in Rosemont (a Montreal borough near his home) to record some gumboot body percussion, along with – ideally – a passing train. Result : 1 bomb alert, 2 locked-down overpasses, 8 patrol cars, a pretty hefty fine and one solid musical track. This guy can tackle as many obstacles as the countless ideas that spark through his mind…

1. Ouverture – Allan Hurd 1’01
2. 3 jours – Allan Hurd 3’43
3. Ariane – Allan Hurd 2’56
4. Packington – Allan Hurd 4’16
5. Rien – Allan Hurd 3’42
6. Interlude – Allan Hurd 2’17
7. Ouragan – Allan Hurd 3’28
8. TDAH – Allan Hurd 4’13
9. Embarques-tu ? – Allan Hurd 4’45
10. Coda – Allan Hurd 2’32
11. 7 février – Allan Hurd 4’23

Allan Hurd (Vocals, guitars, bass, double bass)
Catherine Durand (Vocals)
Ariane Mahrÿke Lemire (Vocals)
Joël LeMay (Bass, backing vocals)
Steve Cordeau (Bass)
Yves Marchand (B3, Wurlitzer)
Justin Allard (Drums)
Marie Vincent (Accordion)
Régis Archambault (Backing vocals)
Martin Giroux (Backing vocals)

All songs and compositions: Allan Hurd
Mixing: Steve Cordeau | Studio Harmonie (Montreal)
Recorded at Ourse Audio | Montreal
Mastering: Marc Thériault | Le Lab Mastering (Montreal)
Arrangements: Yves Marchand, Joël LeMay, Allan Hurd
Sound recording: Steve Cordeau, Allan Hurd
Artistic direction: Yves Marchand
Design: Stéfanie Comtois
Photo: Panneton-Valcourt
Painting: Belo
Production: Ourse Audio
Release date : 10-11-2017