THE NEW ODYSSEY is the only self-produced album recorded by Montreal’s band Monogamy.

The album is a farcical parody of the epic tradition, very loosely based on Homer’s Odyssey. Titan vessels descend upon earth and enslave it’s inhabitants. The treacherous leadership of our primitive planet sell the entire species into slavery, only to find themselves under the yoke after opening the gates… Captivity, rebellion, trickery, lechery, horror… The New Odyssey is an Alternative Death Disco.

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1. Ganymede (3’44)
2. Have you no honor (3’14)
3. Never go back (3’41)
4. Cyborg (3’07)
5. Headless king (3’25)
6. You should stop skiing (1’59)
7. Me and Mary (3’05)
8. Kick the can (3’18)
9. Stab you in the morning (3’09)
10. I’m your man (4’11)
11. Pleasure dome (3’00)
12. Calypso (3’31)

All songs by David Groover, Alexandre Harvey, Santosh Pierre Lalonde, Michael Joseph Rigby
Editions AMOC (publishing)

THE NEW ODYSSEY – Artwork by Mike Rigby for Monogamy


Santosh Lalonde (Voice, Accordion, Autoharp, Saxophone)
David Groover (Guitar)
Mike Rigby (Bass)
Alex Harvey (Drums)

guest : Alex Pep (Backup Vocals)

Recorded by Alex Pep | Studio Le Frolic
Mastered by Harris Newman
Artwork and design : Mike Rigby
Production : Monogamy (2016)
Release date : 01-07-2019