Toupia is the fruit of 4 years of production, exchanges between a dozen inspired musicians, recordings in several cities in France and Japan. This concept album presents 12 paintings, like 12 subjects. The composer and trumpeter Georges Beckerich is inspired by real facts and highlights from his life. He leads us by the ears in a universe where jazz and prog rock are transformed into a sound chronicle, where each riff is a variation of a memory evoked in music.


1. Dew Drops in My Heart (5’19)
2. Sunsparks (6’12)
3. Toupia (6’37)
4. Not the Bakerloo Line (6’31)
5. For Wandering Souls Only (4’57)
6. Rebecca’s Last Dinner ? (4’13)
7. Wet Monday Morning in Barbès (3’11)
8. Clouds Over Paris (5’07)
9. Me and My Shadows (1’47)
10. Becophone Call From Alcheringa (4’54)
11. Utopia Now ! (6’11)
12. Sayo (4’47)

Music by Georges Beckerich
Editions AMOC

Toupia, by the composer and trumpeter Georges Bekerich is a multifaceted sound work. Twelve original compositions where jazz and prog rock intertwine. Twelve paintings that can be listened like a book of stories, made of images directly inspired by his experience (Clouds over Paris, Wet Monday Morning in Barbès), of a memory that marked him (Rebecca’s Last Dinner), or another thought for a suffering friend (Dew Drops in My Heart).

Georges Beckerich often starts from a theme and then makes variations of it. Throughout the creative process, he evolves his work. He decides, like a worker-craftsman, to assemble everything and introduce sound elements taken from life to better reproduce his feelings.

The numerous timbres used and the close relationship between written and improvised music are expressed in sophisticated riffs. He doesn’t hesitate to play with samples. He recycles sounds, and offers atmospheres and rhythms that take you around the world. Georges Beckerich’s creative approach resembles a permanent search for sound materials assembled around simple and accessible melodies.

Georges Beckerich – Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Alto Saxhorn, Guitar

Alexis Drossos –Saxophones, Didgeridoo, Becophone
Yasuhisa Yamamoto – Drums, Percussions
Frédérike Borsarello-Trézéguet – Vocals on Rebecca’s last dinner ?
Alexandre Zekri – Vocals on Rebecca’s last dinner ?
Michel Elmosnino – Piano, Synthesizer on Sayo and Toupia
Nicolas Ferreira – Double-Bass on Toupia
Philippe Lapeyre – Trombone on Not The Bakerloo Line
Tomohiro Maeda – Guitar on Clouds over Paris
José Fallot – Double-Bass on Parallels to Death, Bass on The Becophone in Australia
Bruno Cesaroni – Bass on Sayo
Sébastien Légé – Guitar on Utopia Never stop
Giorgi Mamniashvili – Flute on Utopia Never stop

Produced by Georges Beckerich
Recorded in Paris and other cities in France except drums at Usatrene Records (Tokyo)
Mixed and mastered by Jonathan Marcoz at Studio Peninsula
Photographies : Georges Beckerich
Design : Corinne Garino

Digital Release : 17-07-2020
CD release : 09-10-2020