The guitarist and founding member of the Dogs presents a rock album with deliberately stripped orchestrations and naive poetic texts. The words carry you in colourful dreams with nostalgic tones.

Un Enfant de la Rue is a series of rock songs, sensitive, tender and finely chopped.


UN ENFANT DE LA RUE is a short, simple and spontaneous album. It perfectly matches the evolution of the authentic French punk rock guitarist Paul Péchenart (apart from being a founding member of the DOGS, he often plays in atypical places, on the margins, frequented by artists and a «punkish» audience).

Paul Péchenart learned to play with heart and gut. He doesn’t get too excited, but he pays attention to detail. The album is full of finesse and subtleties. The lyrics are limpid and perfectly associated with the delicately composed sound mass.

These words carry you in colourful dreams with nostalgic tones, combining the magical moments and emotions that give their salt to everyday life.

Paul Péchenart plays and records with his natural and spiritual sons Paul Péchenart Junior (Guérilla Poubelle, Stygmate, etc.) and Esteban Avellan (Bien à toi, Stygmate, etc.).

1. C’est un Météore (Paul Péchenart) 2’58
2. L’Invention de l’Amour (Paul Péchenart) 3’28
3. Un Enfant de la Rue (Paul Péchenart) 3’31
4. Il Neigeait sur la Mer (Paul Péchenart) 3’07
5. Sous l’Oeil des Chats Gris (Paul Péchenart) 2’40
6. Souris-toi (Paul Péchenart) 2’41
7. Ces Voix que j’entends la Nuit (Paul Péchenart) 2’31
8. Laisse-moi Tranquille (Paul Péchenart) 2’59
9. À Chaque Dieu, Son Lucifer (Paul Péchenart) 2’44
10. Tout en Haut des Arbres de l’Automne (Paul Péchenart) 3’14
11. Une Foule de Questions (Paul Péchenart) 5’26

All songs by Paul Péchenart

Paul Péchenart (Lead vocals, guitars, ukulele)
Paul Péchenart Junior (Drums, guitars, background vocals)
Esteban Avellan (Bass, electric guitar)

François Casaÿs (Keyboards)

All songs and compositions by Paul Péchenart
Arrangements by Paul Péchenart Junior and Esteban Avellan
Recorded and mixed by François Casaÿs | Accès Digital
Artwork and photos by Carole Nortier
Production by Paul Péchenart, Paul Péchenart Junior and Esteban Avellan
Release date : 15-02-2019