British bassist and composer Gary Brunton invites us to continue our journey with GWAWR, a logical continuation of the album TRÊN DYDD. In the form of a quartet, with saxophonist François Jeanneau, Italian drummer Andrea Michelutti, pianist Paul Lay (and Emil Spanyi on three tracks). Gary Brunton takes us back to Wales, and fondly evokes highlights of his life based on personalities from his family and loved ones. With “GWAWR”, Gary Brunton takes us back on the jazz track.


Get out the lassos and get ready to ride the absurd with BAGDAD RODEO! The super independent rock band presents “QUATRE – L’ALBUM SANS FIN – PART 1”: a wild musical experience that takes us into a whirlwind of social satire and caustic humor. Sensitive ears abstain because here, we chew neither words nor riffs. It is direct, frank and in good humor.


Natural Element Quartet present Premier Élément, the first album of the Parisian quartet composed by Clément Thirion (double bass), Franck Morin (piano), Renaud Védie (guitar) and Patrick Chenais (drums). Natural Element Quartet offers a mosaic of harmonies, elegantly fusing jazz hues, contemporary nuances, and improvised accents.


Singer-songwriter-guitarist Paul Péchenart, co-founder of the Dogs, talks about cities, relationships, travel, questioning and astonishment. If «Mon coin de ciel» were a film, it would be classified in dramatic comedies where the lightness of images meets darker atmospheres.

A sensitive rock album. Here, the emotional context is tinged with melancholy but also sunny enthusiasm.


Ni!L presents the album “Saṃsāra”, cathartic work for the duo from the Southwest: «home-made» that sounds strong, indie-rock that does good. A stoner rock album, a little garage and grunge, sung in French.

the saṃsāra is a reflection of a thirst for existence, of successive rebirths. The 10 titles are stages of an unending journey where everyone meets the ups and downs of life, while seeking liberation. Cycles of suffering and rebirth follow.



Gary Brunton invites us to take a ride on his “day train” with TRÊN DYDD. Accompanied by his fellow musicians and travel companions François Jeanneau, Andrea Michelutti, Emil Spanyi and Paul Lay, Trên Dydd is a quasi-generational and timeless jazz project. With this convivial and warm album, Gary Brunton takes us to Wales, evoking moments from his life in Wales, including his family.


Duke and Billy’s New Colors is a musical fresco with shimmering colors revealing the beauty of the works of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn revisited like never before by Julie Saury on drums, Bruno Rousselet on double bass, Frédéric Couderc on flute, saxophone and various wind instruments, Sébastien Giniaux on guitar and cello and on some tracks, as guest, Claude Égéa on trumpet.
“Duke and Billy’s New Colors” is a musical journey inviting the listener to rediscover legendary melodies sublimated by unexpected arrangements.


With subtlety, delicacy and finesse, Laurent Bonnot puts the electric bass at the heart of his musical discourse. It replaces the so-called “harmonic” instruments and gives the project a resolutely atypical aesthetic.
But it is especially the repertoire of Songs for Louisa that is innovative. The project could be defined as a transposition in music of the literary movement OuLiPo (Raymond Queneau, Georges Perec…). There is here an asserted will to push back the limits of jazz improvisation. The complex metrics change every measure, and the incessant modulations, lead the listener to no longer find his way around any predefined stylistic knowledge without getting lost.


Cannibal Penguin is a comic and sarcastic French power trio of fuck metal and punk rock. Although made up of very various tracks, the album Cannibal Penguin Ne Sait Pas aims for an overall coherence around the theme of the unknown, uncertainty and wandering. In an era where many pretend to know and cling to a few ideological, militant or scientific certainties, Cannibal Penguin states on the contrary that it understands nothing and is lost, totally lost……


Why “ONE PAGE”? Each of the compositions of the jazz album fits on a single page…or almost. For Haboyan Pallaro, it means going to the essential with spontaneity and creativity. With more than thirty years of experience in jazz, more than half of which were spent on common projects, composers Didier Haboyan and Claudio Pallaro affirm their sincere passion for music and offer with “ONE PAGE” an unpredictable album by a incredible quintet.


Back to the roots for Jay and the Cooks!

Blues, Rock, Country, we get a peek of the atmosphere of the Black Keys. At times it’s the shadow of Nick Cave that appears or the breath of a disillusioned Tom Waits.
The sexagenarians don’t beat around the bush: they express themselves loud and strong without digression, the subjects are simple and direct with tracks like “Poor Everybody” or “Dried up Hearts”. All the songs are inspired by real life stories or very close to reality.


MY ZOMBIE GIRL is a humanistic Country Rock album, near Bluegrass and Roots music as psychedelic rock, by Missri and friends. For this crazy project, singer, banjoist, guitarist, author, and composer Missri is surrounded by many artists including Barry “The Fish” Melton. A kaleidoscopic sound journey where we find major influences such as Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Lyle Lovett, or Deroll Adams.