1st incredible album for Split Brain

Split Brain is a Metal group with influences of Death Melodic and Thrash. The lyrics in French give a big singularity to the project. Screaming, singing and whispering take turns one after the other to create a riveting universe.
The group is a master of contrasts. He juggles between melodic elements and the rage for incisive riffs.

T-Shirt Woman Discours Idylliques

Original white drawing by Batt’Art
Directed for the release of DISCOURS IDYLLIQUES

100% cotton
Dark grey
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T-Shirt Man Discours Idylliques

Original white drawing by Batt’Art
Directed for the release of the album DISCOURS IDYLLIQUES

100% cotton
Dark grey
Machine washable


THE NEW ODYSSEY is the only self-produced album recorded by Montreal’s band Monogamy.

The album is a farcical parody of the epic tradition, very loosely based on Homer’s Odyssey. Titan vessels descend upon earth and enslave it’s inhabitants. The treacherous leadership of our primitive planet sell the entire species into slavery, only to find themselves under the yoke after opening the gates… Captivity, rebellion, trickery, lechery, horror… The New Odyssey is an Alternative Death Disco.

Available on the digital music service of your choice


The guitarist and founding member of the Dogs presents a rock album with deliberately stripped orchestrations and naive poetic texts. The words carry you in colourful dreams with nostalgic tones.

Un Enfant de la Rue is a series of rock songs, sensitive, tender and finely chopped.


Jimm is a guitarist and singer who’s not affraid of testing out things with his Gibsons.

His influences are from the early 90’s : Nirvana, Trust, Therapy?

With « Distorsion cérébrale », Jimm offers an engaged album written by a young men who dreams to see the world change.
Everything is in french : simple and effective.


Blues, Rock, Country, Folk… A real cake walk through North American music…

From Louisiana to the Great Lakes: we’re going up the Mississippi, traveling through sound landscapes that unify and don’t divide.


The 7th Treponem Pal album celebrates the band’s thirtiest birthday with original Pal tracks and a bunch of covers twisted their own way.
Years have passed but time has no power on their music. On the opposite, it is all timesless and of an absolute vitality. Treponem Pal’s music has always been a loud patchwork. Extreme modernity and corrosive old school merge permanently.
The band has become a master in the art of juggling with riffs and words, the art of forging sounds and hammering beats, the art of combining spontaneity and machines. Rockers’ Vibes is in the vein, but also has a few surprises in store.


Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra presents Duke Ellington Plays Mary Poppins but in French. The original album features recordings of tunes from the 1964 musical film Mary Poppins arranged by Ellington and Billy Strayhorn. But this program was never been on stage. We produced this incredible live session.

This “Jazzy Poppins” may reach a wide audience, from neophytes to jazz fans, as an opportunity to (re)discover an exceptional and timeless work.

« Fabulous ! » – Mercedes Ellington


Paul Péchenart, singer songwriter and cofunder of the legendary french rock band nammed Dogs presents a thoughtful, sincere album, at times intimate, but always rock.

He plays the guitar along with his prized bandmates: Esteban Avellan (Bien à Toi) on bass and Paul Péchenart Jr (Guerilla Poubelle) on drums.


Offshots is a fine mixture of fun and sophistication.

Chris Jarrett’s quartet shines with elegance and thoughtfulness. The compositions range in style from the dance-like through something like modern chamber music to jazz and free, unharnessed improvisations.

TDAH vol.1

Anyone with ADHD (or ‘TDAH’ in French) tends to simultaneously put forth a wide array of thoughts.

We’re not sure whether or not Allan Hurd has ADHD, but what we do know is that his debut album is chock-full of different ideas. And many more are on their way, because this concept album is apparently the first of a trilogy. Not a bad way to kick-start a career.