A meeting between Johnny Cash and the Stray Cats, overlooked by Lou Reed.

I’M HUNGRY includes 11 songs. 2 previously unreleased tracks by the north-American writer Jack Clark, an original French Rock song by Paul Péchenart (Dogs) & Jay, 1 instrumental country song by Jean-Yves Lozac’h (Charlie McCoy), an original French love song by Marie-France Floury, some original Blues Rock songs by Jay, a revamped traditional song, and «Lust For Life» (Iggy Pop) cover with Paul Pechenart Junior (Guerilla Poubelle) on guitar.

All those songs are played as if the musicians where born in a town between Memphis and Nashville with a subway network.


Dutch Oven is a warm sounding folk, Americana and country album where roots is the key word.

You’ll find traditional songs like CAMPTOWN RACES, one of the first pop songs ever written in the middle of the 19th century by Stephen Foster, and other very successful adaptations that make the works timeless.

Here, the version of Joy Division’s LOVE WILL TEAR US APART is literally incredible. Jay put a modal banjo drone played with a rock feel to it along with Paul Péchenart (ex-Dogs ) on an old Gibson acoustic.

The Rolling Stones, Leadbelly, Reverend Gary Davis and Merle Haggard are also interpreted as if they were all originals coming from the same small town seated along the Blue Ridge Parkway


« Ellington’s mind in a modern body » – Télérama

« He’s hit just the right modern note to play this timeless music » – Nouvel Obs

« Thank you Duke Orchestra for keeping Duke alive » – Duke Ellington Music Society

Laurent Mignard has accomplished a herculean task.Because he didn’t have access to the musical scores, he transcribed everything from Duke’s recordings! More than a note for note transcription he made sure that he kept close to the spirit of music which is simple and complex, obvious and extremely refined at the same time, where brilliant soloists ride proudly over the music.


To celebrate the 40’th anniversary of Duke Ellington’s heritage, Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra and Mercedes Ellington presented the Duke Ellington Sacred Concert on October 1st, 2014 in the church of Madeleine – Paris.

The Duke Orchestra, its great soloists and vocalists brought together by Laurent Mignard, are among the only artists in the world with the knowledge and the ability to pass it on. Period. – Claude Carrière

Limited Edition CD + DVD only with Juste Une Trace


Artweg builds its own musical universe, between Metal, Punk and Hardcore.

With two lead vocals, English and French lyrics, energetic guitars and a big sound, Artweg puts intensity everywhere.

“Drunk’N’High” is a furious album from the suburb of Paris with 12 originals compositions of Artweg.

Recommended to Bad Brains, Pantera, Black Label Society, Lofofora or Maximum The Hormone fans


No Monster takes us by surprise by its shear mass of sound:the use of electronic effects gives the impression that the sound of the band has increased tenfold.

After some incursions into progressive or experimental rock, the group all of a sudden changes directions to explore jazz or complex and organic rhythms. One can easily feel the influences of Aka Moon or Steve Coleman in the work.

Matthieu Rosso Red Quartet has given us an unidentified sound object with tempo changes, renewed energy and frenzied improvisations that should please fans of Meshuggah as well.


The most beautiful and popular melodies from the « la chanson française » repertoire in Jazz !

Even if jazz has often courted the “la chanson Française », musical projects that have devoted themselves exclusively to the genre and its great authors and composers are rare. The saxophone is at the heart of RADIOSAX; its notes replacing the words. The five players are accompanied, backed and propelled forward by a dream team rhythm section.

The repertoire of the album is exceptional and the original arrangements give us a new look at popular songs without distorting them. Jazz fans, as well as lovers of “la chanson française” will be enchanted, a bit surprised, but never thrown off the track.


All the tracks from SURVIVAL SOUNDS have been remixed for this album by ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION, DEE NASTY, LOFOFORA…

From Electro to the wildest Raves, Metal to Hip Hop with a pass by Dub…

EVIL MUSIC FOR EVIL PEOPLE brings together the best from the underground scene these last decades.


Vibrations and industrial pulsations boosted to the power of 10 by grooves and incredibly psychedelic melodies. Bewitched singing, which is the essence of the group, is help up by huge guitar riffs, unleashed machines and high precision drumming.

The best of Industrial Metal, and more!

«TREPONEM PAL keeps the flame of intelligent noise burning. And never forget, the groove is on for the ride…» – ROLLING STONE

« One of the great successes of its recording history» – ROCK HARD


Ozma presents an original and enchanting repertory, a cool mix of Jazz and Progressive Rock, at the crossroads of Weather Report, Pat Metheny and King Crimson. The group crafts a dreamlike, psychedelic, at times oppressive and muted world of sound (think of Pink Floyd).

Suspended atmospheres, waves of sound, electronic forays, mysterious stories…

New Tales is the story of a fictional character (Jim), a modern day vagabond who decides to travel the world in a quest of discovering it with his own eyes, in all its splendor and at times ugliness.


Songs, music and readings : a poignant evocation by the singer songwriter Dominique Grange of the First World War with texts read by Tardi.

Limited Edition CD digipack only with Juste Une Trace


Dominique Grange, muse of the May’68 protest movement in France has brought together in “THE LONG MARCHE” her original recordings of 19 songs that are an integral part of the heritage of the protest movement, and for some, part of our collective memory.

The album includes notably Boris Vian’s “Le Déserteur” with its last verse in the original version, “Dégage, Dégage, Dégage”, a new self-produced song recorded just before the 2012 French presidential elections, but also two songs recorded with the group Odeurs in 1981 and of course her self-produced 45’s from 1968 including 6 songs that have become absolute revolutionary hymns such as “A bas l’état policier” and “Les Nouveaux Partisans”.