Vibrations and industrial pulsations boosted to the power of 10 by grooves and incredibly psychedelic melodies. Bewitched singing, which is the essence of the group, is help up by huge guitar riffs, unleashed machines and high precision drumming.

The best of Industrial Metal, and more!

«TREPONEM PAL keeps the flame of intelligent noise burning. And never forget, the groove is on for the ride…» – ROLLING STONE

« One of the great successes of its recording history» – ROCK HARD


Ozma presents an original and enchanting repertory, a cool mix of Jazz and Progressive Rock, at the crossroads of Weather Report, Pat Metheny and King Crimson. The group crafts a dreamlike, psychedelic, at times oppressive and muted world of sound (think of Pink Floyd).

Suspended atmospheres, waves of sound, electronic forays, mysterious stories…

New Tales is the story of a fictional character (Jim), a modern day vagabond who decides to travel the world in a quest of discovering it with his own eyes, in all its splendor and at times ugliness.


Songs, music and readings : a poignant evocation by the singer songwriter Dominique Grange of the First World War with texts read by Tardi.

Limited Edition CD digipack only with Juste Une Trace


Dominique Grange, muse of the May’68 protest movement in France has brought together in “THE LONG MARCHE” her original recordings of 19 songs that are an integral part of the heritage of the protest movement, and for some, part of our collective memory.

The album includes notably Boris Vian’s “Le Déserteur” with its last verse in the original version, “Dégage, Dégage, Dégage”, a new self-produced song recorded just before the 2012 French presidential elections, but also two songs recorded with the group Odeurs in 1981 and of course her self-produced 45’s from 1968 including 6 songs that have become absolute revolutionary hymns such as “A bas l’état policier” and “Les Nouveaux Partisans”.


LCDK is avant-garde music, a mix of noise rock and written scores, influenced by Oxbow, Primus and then sliding towards Tom Waits..

The trio, which also goes under the name “Les Comptes de Korsakoff”, depicts a somber universe, violent, and enchanting: that of a chaotic Karl… …the story of a man suffering from a neurological disorder caused by the abuse of alcohol and malnutrition.

Karl can’t remember his past any longer so he starts accepting as true things that never happened.


Metal music isn’t far away, neither is the Cure… but it’s Jazz !
but fans of Steve Coleman and Aka Moon will be happy too. It’s a jazz album for it shows craftsmanship and daring…Music in movement.

The Matthieu Rosso red Quartet is also very rock. Tracks styled after pop, shift between hammered polyrhythm and electronic shrapnel.

The album takes us along into a sonic landscape of great richness and diversity. The compositions release sensitivities that are melodic and rhythmic in a style resolutely modern, intense and Jazz.


New York, July 6th 1961 : Duke Ellington and Count Basie, who had mutual admiration for each other, record together for the first time. The two orchestras, at the top of their art, work together on their personal repertoires and give birth to a Columbia record now legendary: “First Time”.

Vienne, July 5th 2011 : 50 years later, the festival “Jazz à Vienne” invited today’s best ambassadors of those two creators to recreate “First Time” and prolong the encounter and the pleasure. The LAURENT MIGNARD Duke Orchestra (Ellington) and The MICHEL PASTRE Big Band (Basie) recapture those two great men’s art in front of 5,000 spectators cooked to a boil. An exceptional night for which the only winner was SWING!


The Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra clearly demonstrates France’s influence on Ellington.

24 tracks, of which 15 were previously unreleased including 2 in the Goutelas suite, 3 from the “Paris Blues” soundtrack which were edited out at the time, and the entire show from “Turcaret” at the Jean Vilar Theater.

This album has been given overwhelming support by the press and the public as well. The live recording in concert gives witness to the audience’s fervor for not only the substance but the spirit of the evening.


Imagination takes a long road through faraway lands, surging Rock and the horizons of Modern Jazz for which the thread linking it all together is the improvisation and spontaneity of young musicians already fully mature. It’s an invitation to discover Jazz in new ways.

A surprising world of sound, intuitive, dynamic and influenced from many directions: Jimmy Hendrix, Radiohead, King Crimson, Sonic Youth, Dave Holland, Alas No Axis, Esbjörn Svesson as well as Mark Turner and Air.


Passionate about Debussy, Ravel, Dutilleux, as well as Takemitsu, and guided by David Angel, he has never stopped searching for a balance between serenity and surprise over and above the traditional tonal rules of sound.

In Good News, the composer – pocket trumpet player gives us a veritable manifesto to believe in the future while reinventing it.

In short a superb jazz album that opens the door to many influences. Good News gets us out our ruts with the groove of positive values.


A double masterful album!

What sings Rémo Gary is always ample, powerful, deep, loaded.

In the 1st volume, he offers us incisive original texts for a wrongly artless vision of our world.

In the second volume, Rémo Gary interprets its back Grandfather of thought: Jean Richepin.


Music inspired by jazz but combined with electric sounds, electro and noise.The writing is at times melodic, sometimes dissonant, with large swaths of improvisation inherited from jazz and free jazz living alongside experimental sounds borrowed from contemporary classical music.

Following in the steps of Steve Coleman influenced by Radiohead and steeped in the energy of Sonic Youth, OBLIVIOUS, wholly composed by Alexandre Herer, is an album filled with spontaneity and freshness.