This album by Francesca Solleville highlights an exemplary career of over a half century. It also confirms the loyalty she maintains for her convictions, her singer-songwriter colleagues, and her artistic integrity.

It also contains a few new songs written by her fellow travelers among them Anne Sylvestre, Gilbert Laffaille, Alain Leprest, Jean Ferrat as well as Rémo Gary.


Dominique Grange sings original material but also “Tu n’en reviendras pas” by Aragon and Léo Ferré, words by Montéhus, others by Sébastien Faure, those of forgotten soldiers like “La Chanson de Craonne” and “Le Déserteur” by Boris Vian in which the last verse is in its entire original version


Vicki Rummler is an American singer brought up on folk, jazz and funk.

To start off this album of mostly original tunes she chose “Guys with Ties”, a real hymn to anti-stress. Am I Am is very “Pop” with plenty of good vibes.

It’s an album by a great vocalist who transports us into emotional country filled with sensitivity and intimate confessions but there’s humor as well; check out the traditional “Freres Jacques” reworked with the creative use of onomatopoeia. The album will interest fans of Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Ani DiFranco, Sherryl Crowe and Susan Vega.


The album swings, but it is not really “swing”.

Hard bop? No, not really. But what kind of jazz is it? Simply today’s, there is no specifc category for it. It ‘s jazz warmly played by artists of diverse backgrounds.

No need to be an expert to appreciate this album. And for experts, they may identify with the subtleties and power of the arrangements.


An incisive album colored with original compositions and nourished by the energy of live shows… jazz in trompe-l’œil.
Lyrical adventurous solos, diabolic collective improvisations, themes that flirt with the blues, pop-rock instrumentals, free funk, calypso…

In fact, Strange Traffic breaks up moods and regenerates them into emotion in a succession of playful and tasty audio experiences. Sometimes the songs might make you think of Sonic Youth or Radiohead while other times King Crimson, Dave Holland or Dave Douglas come to mind.


Remo Gary has a way with words, a lucide and generous vision of the world that includes a commitment to social solidarity as well.
He plays with words to show us his rage, to try and put the universe back on its feet, to denounce amnesia and cowardice. Despite his rage, joyously and serenely, he calls for us to keep up hope, to change every morning to transform the world.

The album also includes “Les matelots de Groix”, an interpretation of Richepin’s text… a twenty minute long, moving ode to sailors who tragically perish in raging seas.


Scored and improvised original compositions rub shoulders with Jaco Pastorius’s “Teen Town” as well as Toninho Horta’s “Francisca”.

Gilles Coquard uses everything his instrument can muster to provoke his samples and pedals into new realms.

A “Bass album” which lets us take a new look at the instrument.


The band is a deluge of horns on top of a hellish rhythm section in the pure tradition of the “brass band. The album alternates between standards and original compositions. The band runs through various styles: ska, funk, afro-cuban, disco…a relentless groove machine!

The group takes on the compositions like thirsty animals, with an attitude that recalls rock, slam and jump. The album also includes a brass band punk version of Sting’s « Spirits in a material world ».


The first record by the celebrated jazz duo.

Recommended to everybody who thinks that music should be like an unplanned trip?

This is a rare limited edition album for intimate moments. It gives the double bass and piano a space for exchanging ideas freely and artistically.


An ELECTRO-JAZZ experience where great musicians meet new realms.

Christopher Gauthier has come up with an album in which Mix Culture meets Jazz Fusion!

The title « Heart and soul » is an acid jungle hit! The rest is a very free fusion of the 70’s with the flute as the central instrument. Christophe Gauthier’s virtuosity gives birth to great melodies throughout.


Love follows getting a taste of it… Rémo Gary’s writing is “take no prisoners” as Lou Reed said, as precise as it is dense, moving as it is sensual. 12 songs finely crafted accompanied by well played music.
The insatiable greed of words cannot be find in a top 500 narrow vocabulary. In summary, the man with the skillful pen (for him and others) possesses one of the most beautiful writings (publication of short stories, theater’s plays, multiple shows…): a fluid, joyful and greedy writing.
He’s a naughty artist often talking about a woman or love. Included as well is an original text by Dimey sung by Michèle Bernard with 12 acoustic musicians backing everything up.


Nema’s quartet skillfully mixes tastes and colors, landscapes and moods to get an original and a powerful sound. Nema’s jazz is not conventional it’s explosive!
The album includes original compositions of which one is homage to Vincente Ascenio, an improvisation inspired by Led Zeppelin with minimalist figurative loops….from creation to virtuosity.
An album in the spirit of Brad Maldhau or even Innocent X that keeps the irreplaceable all acoustic spirit. “Jazz, flamingo and progressive rock” that’s the easiest way to describe Nema’s music.