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Bagdad Rodeo, the band whose sarcasm is as sharp as guitar riffs, unveils its new single and clip, “Co2nard”, from “Quatre – L’album sans fin – Part 1”.

In a world where the oversized ego and the race for likes reign supreme, Bagdad Rodeo delivers a musical uppercut with “Co2nard”. The lyrics, as subtle as a blow of mass in a porcelain of China, explore with delight the Kafkaesque universe of the influencers and their obsession for emptiness, nothingness.

«I spend my day doing selfies» sings Bishop Delatourette, offering a scathing observation on the life of social media stars, whose depth is equivalent to that of a puddle after a shower.

Targeting digital narcissists, Bagdad Rodeo strips the superficial layers of entertainment to reveal the cynicism behind it. “Selling my mother for knacki-shaped lips,” they say with humour as black as coal.

In this new trend where the good meets the bad, even the very bad, Bagdad Rodeo refuses to remain passive. Co2nard” is a call to action, a formula for all those who refuse to see society sink into darkness, greed and egocentrism.

Bagdad Rodeo, known for his outspokenness and commitment, does not hesitate to denounce this drift in “Co2nard” and thus invites the public to join them in their fight against this new form of social parasitism, where real talent is relegated to the background in favor of manipulation and superficiality.

Bagdad Rodeo still does not make lace, and “Co2nard” is the ultimate proof. Prepare to laugh, reflect, and question your own selfies.




BAGDAD RODEO presents the video “Revolution Vendetta”. A hymn to resistance and freedom. This incisive title is the first extract of the album “Quatre – L’Album sans Fin – Part 1”.

“Revolution Vendetta” stands out for its bold words and rebellious energy, bearing the characteristic imprint of BAGDAD RODEO. The words of Bishop Delatourette and Christobal Sanchez del Rodéo testify to an unwavering determination to remain true to oneself despite external pressures.

“Still alive, still there,
Not ready to walk,
Not ready to shut my mouth in front of you
I won’t bend, I won’t change
The rodeo will win
Revolution vendetta, fist raised in front of you”

The video was directed by Bertrand Boissimon, in the cold, perhaps in the east. The sobriety of the images contrasts with the energy of the title. The quality of the photography is undeniable. Simple, raw, authentic: real rock that spoils. With words like “I’m not dead, you won’t get me”, BAGDAD RODEO refuses to submit to the norm and continues to claim its identity.

“Revolution Vendetta” is a direct response to the current challenges of society, a call for perseverance and the defense of fundamental rights. The lyrics embody the vision of BAGDAD RODEO, a militant group that takes you on a rodeo of social satire and caustic humor.

“The fight is more relevant than ever, and BAGDAD RODEO will always be ready to take part. The exile is over…” says the group.


QUATRE – L’ALBUM SANS FIN – PART.1 by BAGDAD RODEO is hereRelease date 26 january 2024

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